Water Treatment FAQ’s

Our goal is to provide the public with the information they need to successfully purchase the correct water treatment equipment suitable for their particular needs. Too many people are being scammed by “slick willy” sales people and are over paying for equipment they may not need. Many water treatment companies perform misapplications leading to a shortened life span of the equipment and your water problem still never being resolved. Before you buy any water treatment equipment, please read this page. We have many facts that will make your search for a water treatment system an inexpensive and safe one.


We recommend you NEVER let a company that sells water equipment test your water. You should get an INDEPENDENT test from a laboratory, health department, local university or your municipal water provider. We find the overwhelming majority of water testing performed by many well known companies to be inaccurate. We would also caution you to never buy on the first night from an in-home sales company no matter how many free soaps or gimmicks that they offer you. 


It is essential that you get your water tested before you begin looking for water treatment equipment. The wrong information or lack of information about your water may lead to a misapplication. Make sure your results are accurate and from someone you trust.

If you never had your water tested yet, you should. You may be giving your family water with impurities and not even realizing it. Water goes through a lot of changes before it reaches your home. It collects impurities in the air as it falls as rain or snow. It picks up sediments, minerals and contaminant’s as it seeps through the soil. Then it is treated by municipalities with various chemical disinfectants.

The critical factor is that water is a natural solvent and it dissolves and collects whatever it touches. That leads to plenty of natural water problems. Ultimately, the water is being contaminated faster than nature can clean it!


If there is iron present in your water we never recommend a softener to take care of that issue. Some companies are notorious for putting in softeners when there are iron problems. They know full well this will work for a short amount of time, but it will eventually ruin the softener, and they’ll be back to see you to make some more money. If the levels are very low, sometimes this will work, we never put softeners in where there are mild iron issues. Learn about how a water softener works and read our water softener installation tips for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Also check out the anatomy of an iron filter and see how iron filters actually work.


If your well has bacteria, we recommend you peform some kind of chemcial injection application. To learn more about this application and how to install your chemical injection equipment. Learn more….