Iron Filter

Some of the highest quality iron filters use a media called Terminox. Terminox, a naturally mined ore, is a mineral form of manganese dioxide which has been used in water treatment for more than 75 years. Terminox is a granular filtration media for hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese reduction. Terminox functions as a catalyst, but itself remains relatively unchanged. Terminox works on a principle whereby the hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese are oxidized and trapped on the media while simple backwashing cleans the bed. No chemical regeneration is required, nothing is imparted into the drinking water and Terminox has a high capacity for low contaminant concentrations. Terminox can be used in conjunction with aeration, chlorination, ozone or other pretreatment methods for difficult applications. Chlorine or other oxidants accelerate the catalytic reaction 

Terminox Advantages:  

  • Effective reduction of iron, sulfur and manganese
  • Durable material with long service life and low annual attrition of bed
  • No chemical regeneration required only periodic backwashing

Terminox Physical Properties:

  • Color: black
  • Bulk Density: 125 lbs./cu. ft.
  • Mesh Size: 8 x 20
  • Effective Size: 0.51 mm
  • Uniform Coefficient: 1.7
  • Specific Gravity: 3.8

How does a filter work?

A filter has three different operations that it performs. The head controls these functions and they are as follows:

Service During service (filtration) the water is directed down through the filter media where the particles in the water are trapped. Once the water has reached the bottom of the tank, it returns to the top of the tank through the distributor.

Backwash – The head will determine when the system needs to be backwashed or regenerated based on elapsed time or water usage. During backwash the head will direct water down through the distributor and up through the media. This flow will be of enough force to actually lift the media and shake lose any trapped particles. The water that leaves the top of the tank is directed to the drain.

Rinse – Once the media has been backwashed, it is rinsed by again sending water down through the media and then to drain. This will rinse any lose material at the bottom of the bed and in the riser to drain. Once rinsed, the filter will return to service.

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